Nieuwe moderne keuken of toch een infrarood sauna?

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Suppose you win a nice price, you've saved, or you can just afford. What would you change about your home? Would you choose a brand new kitchen, or rather for luxury and relaxation? The advantages.

modern kitchen

The kitchen we use every day. This space must be extremely practical, but may also be quite beautiful. Especially when you have a house with a kitchen, it is important that it fits well with the other interior. When the style in the living room and kitchen area flawlessly blend together, creating a beautiful whole. Do you have a modern interior for example, choose a modern kitchen . Think of high gloss cabinets and doors, a stone countertop and sleek stainless steel handles. A kitchen island fits here perfectly. Nice design with a hood and various high-tech appliances. By opting for a white version creates a lot of light in the kitchen area. This immediately creates a spacious feeling.

Your own wellness space

Another option is to opt for extra luxury in the bathroom. How about a private spa for example? If you installed a whirlpool tub so you can enjoy every day a warm bath and massage jets. The perfect way to unwind after a long day and unsuspecting, or if you have symptoms such as back or neck pain. Or how about your own sauna room? That is enjoying the healing effect that heat the body in peace and privacy. You can choose a Finnish sauna and an infrared sauna. The latter has the advantage that it can already be used at a temperature of 30 degrees, while a traditional sauna has a long warm-up time to come to about 75 degrees. The warm-up time of an infrared sauna is only 5 to 10 minutes.

Whether you choose a luxury kitchen space that you use every day, or prefer a private lounge area, both add value to your home and provide optimal living!