De landelijke keuken, een keuken die past bij iedere stijl

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When hearing the term '' country kitchen '', many people make the link with old-fashioned and fidgety. It is associated with farm life and seen by many people as dated and dusty. Completely unjustified, because even though this style comes from the past, it is a style that has gone along with the times and meets all the requirements of today and is equipped with every conceivable luxury and convenience. Country kitchens come in traditional designs, but also in sleek and modern designs. That is exactly what makes this style so popular. Because whether you like classic or rather sleek design, everyone feels at home in the warm atmosphere that these kitchens radiate.

The rural style is created through the use of natural materials such as wood and stone. Think of wooden kitchen cabinets, a stone floor and wall tiles and a natural stone worktop. In the classic versions, the cabinets are often equipped with detailed fronts, with characteristic handles and a large cooker and large extraction hood. In combination with, for example, wooden beams on the ceiling, the rural farm style is additionally accentuated. Furthermore, this style requires a large wooden dining table with wooden chairs or a dining bench. Choose good lighting for an extra warm atmosphere.

The modern version of the country style has the use of wood and other natural materials as an agreement with the classic design. The difference, however, is that the lines are much tighter and sometimes even minimalistic, without detracting from the warm atmosphere. In the modern country kitchen , the striking and distinctive chimney is replaced by a tighter design or a design version above a kitchen island or hob. Modern built-in appliances in stainless steel can be seen and gives the modern look and feel. Often, light shades are chosen as white, gray and taupe. A marble worktop creates a luxurious feeling.

If you are considering purchasing a kitchen in country style, any desired execution is possible. Whether you opt for traditional or trendy, there is always a kitchen setup that meets all your needs!